Clergy & Staff

Clero y Empleados

Fr. Lucas Grubbs began as the Rector of St. Bede’s in August of 2022. Originally from Lewiston, Idaho, Fr. Lucas is a Westerner through and through!

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Rev. Ryan joined the parish as curate in July of 2023. He graduated from the Seminary of the Southwest in May of 2023 with a Master of Divinity degree, Latinx concentration.

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Music Director/Parish Administrator | Director de Música/Administrador Parroquial

Jerry's love of music began while he sang in his church youth choir, where he at age twelve decided to learn to play the organ. Jerry's involvement in the religious music ministry continued...

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Deacon | Diácono

Deacon Owen has been a resident of Santa Fe for 46 years, and Chaplain and Grief Counselor for The Hospice Center of Presbyterian Medical Services for 35 years...

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Assisting Clergy

St. Bede's is blessed to have among us several Assisting Priests and Canons, who retired here or are bi-vocational. We are grateful for their teaching, preaching, pastoral care, and the wisdom and experience they share with the other clergy staff.

They are:

• The Rev. Constance Delzell

• The Rev. Shiela Fellhauer

• The Rev. Canon Ed Fellhauer

• The Rev. Dru Ferguson

• The Rev. Canon Ted Karpf

• The Rev. Juan Oliver

• The Rev. Tom Woodward

Clero Asistente

St. Bede's cuenta con la ayuda de varios sacerdotes y conónigos asistentes. Agradecemos su sabiduría, experiencia, predicación, y cuidado pastoral  que comparten con nosotros tan generosamente.

El grupo incluye:

• La Reverenda Constance Delzell

• La Reverenda Sheila Fellhauer

• El Reverendo Canon Ed Fellhauer

• La Reverenda Dru Ferguson

• El Reverendo Canon Ted Karpf

• El Reverendo Juan Oliver

• El Reverendo Tom Woodward