Welcome to St. Bede’s Episcopal Church

We are a faith community as diverse as the many faces of Santa Fe. We regard every person as a child of God. We walk with Christ to love and serve all, reaching beyond our walls to the larger community. We are nourished by prayer, fellowship and worship in the Episcopal tradition. We believe our faith is developed with an ongoing commitment to learning and service.

Somos una comunidad de fe tan diversa como las muchas caras de Santa Fe. Consideramos que cada persona es un hijo de Dios. Caminamos con Cristo para amar y servir a todos, llegando más allá de nuestros muros para la comunidad más grande. Nos alimentamos con oración, compañerismo y adoración en la tradición Episcopal. Creemos que nuestra fe se desarrolla con un compromiso continuo de aprendizaje y servicio.

Lenten Forums

St. Bede’s Rector, the Rev. M. Catherine Volland will lead a series on Liturgy for the Adult Forums during Lent. All classes will be offered on Sundays in the Library from 9:15 to 10:15 am, and you may participate in one or all of them without worry about what might have been covered earlier.  Here’s the schedule:

Sunday, March 9: What is Liturgy? How is it similar to or different from prayer, performance, or revival? What are the liturgies of our tradition? Where do our liturgies come from? How do changes to our liturgies happen?

Sunday, March 16: The Parts of the Mass. What is happening with each part, why are they in the order they are, and who is doing what with the words and ges-tures. Comparison of several Eucharistic Prayers and why we change them through the year.

Sunday March 23: The Gestures and Postures of the Mass. Why don’t we just sit back and enjoy the mass? Are there right and wrong liturgical postures? Why do different people have different habits about sitting, standing, and kneeling? What is the priest doing at the altar, and why?

Sunday March 30: The Liturgical Year. Why is the cycle of the year set the way it is? How is the Lectionary organized, both for Sundays and for weekdays? What about liturgical colors?

Sunday, April 6: The Sacraments. What is a sacrament? Which sacraments do Episcopalians hold true? What are the signs, significance, and importance of each of the sacraments? Who performs sacraments? What are the implications for changes to the sacrament of marriage in particular?