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Worship with Us


Worship with Us

Holy Eucharist (also known as Holy Communion or The Lord’s Supper) is central to our worship life. This Christian ritual is how we are spiritually nourished for the good work of bringing Christ, and his vision of a new world of justice, peace, and love, to the world. We also have some other prayer services (Morning Prayer, Compline, or Evensong) during the week—these are simply prayers marking the times of day. Our schedule is always posted on every page of this website. 

What to Expect

There is no preparation or previous knowledge required for you to come and participate fully in our worship—we’ll give you a leaflet that has everything you need to know. Our services of Holy Eucharist start with a time of reading scripture and thinking about how it applies to our lives. Then we focus on preparing ourselves to receive the real presence of Christ in bread and wine, by briefly and prayerfully giving thanks for the great deeds of God in history—creation, incarnation, resurrection, and inspiration. We share the consecrated bread and wine, say a prayer of thanksgiving, receive a blessing, and are on our way. At 10:30 and 12:30 the service is accompanied by singing; at 8:00 it is not. The 12:30 service is offered in Spanish. All services are followed by a time to have some coffee and other treats, while visiting with the others with whom we have just worshiped. Count on having a warm and comfortable time. The early service is about 50 minutes and the other two about 70 minutes.

Children and babies are completely welcome at any service, even if they squirm, wander, or make noise. Really!

Require handicapped accessibility? Park in the closest spots directly in front of the building. There are no steps. Bathrooms are close by. And do feel free to remain seated during the times many others stand in the service—you won’t be alone!

Receiving the Sacraments

The sacraments (or rites) of the Church are outward, visible signs of inner grace from God. In them, we make solemn promises, and in return God strengthens us to keep them. The witnesses also promise to help uphold us in our vows. 

We are happy to talk to you about receiving the sacraments. Some, such as Baptism, Confirmation (or Reception for those already confirmed), a Quinceñera Mass, and Matrimony mark important milestones in our journey of faith. We encourage you to prepare for these over several months so they may be the profound spiritual experiences they are meant to be, and we expect an ongoing commitment to be part of the parish for the foreseeable future. Others, such as Reconciliation of a Penitent (private confession), home Communion for the housebound, and Unction (anointing for the ill or dying) are available when needed. Call the church office at 505-982-1133 or contact Fr. Pedro at to learn more about sacraments for you or a loved one.