Our Vestry

Mike Wirtz

Mike Wirtz

Maria Santa-Maria

Maria Santa-Maria

Dr. Jo Hudson

Dr. Jo Hudson

April Adams

April Adams

Alba Blondis

Alba Blondis

Ed Nordstrom

Ed Nordstrom

Michael Robison

Michael Robison

Ron ferguson

Ron ferguson

Terry Murphy

Terry Murphy

The Vestry provides spiritual, financial, and executive leadership for the parish. One-third of the Vestry is elected each year at the Annual Meeting in January, and serves a three-year term. One member of the Vestry is called by the Rector to serve as the Senior Warden for a one-year term, and the Junior Warden, as well as Clerk and Treasurer, are elected at the first Vestry meeting of the year. David Donohue is our Treasurer, and Bill La Marche is Clerk of the Vestry. 

Each Vestry member takes particular responsibility for one area of endeavor. The Vestry members, their portfolios, and the year their service ends are listed below.

Senior Warden/Guardian Principal (Alba Blondis, 2021)

  • Vestry Chair

  • Endowment Board

Junior Warden/ Guardian Subalterno (Ron Ferguson, 2022) 

  • Building and Grounds (with Mike Wirtz)

  • Clean-up Days

Communications (Alba Blondis, 2021)

  • Website (with Mother Catherine)

  • Beacon (with Jenny Langston)

  • A-Team (with Jenny Langston)

  • Communications/Publicity (with Mother Catherine)

  • Relationship with Local Newspapers (with Mother Catherine)

  • Organization for Annual Report (with Njeri Nuru-Holm)

  • Vestry Book (with Jenny Langston)

Christian Education (Jo Hudson, 2022)

  • Children’s Ministry (with Ann MacVicar)

  • Adult Forums and Education (with April Adams)

  • Library (with Martie Busé)

  • Book Club (with Njeri Nuru-Holm)

  • Aid to Children (with Becky Donohue)

  • Special Classes, e.g. Yoga, Spanish (with Deacon Owen Kunkle)

  • EfM Certificate Program (with Camille Flores)

Outreach/Justice and Peace (Michael Robison, 2020)

  • Outreach Grants Committee (with Catherine Willmott)

  • Justice and Peace Committee

  • Interfaith Community Shelter (with Carol Neelley, Trudy O’Toole)

  • St. Elizabeth Shelter (with Ann Moon)

  • Dreamers Deferred Action Project/Citizenship Project (with Catherine Wilmott)

  • Food In-Gathering (with Christine Johnson)

  • Juarez House Building Mission Trip (with Lydia Pendley)

 Worship (April Adams, 2022)

  • Acolytes and Crucifers (with April Adams)

  • Lectors (with Mary Ann Wamhoff)

  • Ushers Guild (with Judith Seltzer)

  • Altar Guild (with Martie Busé)

  • Altar Bread Bakers (with Suzanne Lawrence)

  • Choir (with Jerry Nelson, Music Director)

  • Eucharistic Ministers & Visitors (with Deacon Owen Kunkle)

  • Flower Guild (with Sue Heighberger, Betsy Taylor)

  • Contemplative Prayer and Morning Prayer (with Christine Johnson)

  • Lectio Divina (with Linda Gray)

Stewardship (Terry Murphy, 2021)

  • Stewardship Committee (Terry Murphy, Chair)

Membership and Parish Life (Maria Santa Maria, 2020)

  • Membership Committee (Maria Santa-Maria)

  • Hospitality/Coffee Hour (with Carolyn Inoue)

  • New Member Orientation (with Deacon Owen Kunkle)

  • Bede’s Backers and Lay Pastoral Care (with Coleen Davidson)

  • Hispanic Ministry (with Fr. Javier Arias)

  • Prayer Shawl Ministry (with Silvia Gullingsrud)

  • Parish Life Special Events, eg. Shrove Tuesday, Thanksgiving (with Jeff Toliver)

  • Welcome, Note Writing (with Allegra Derryberry)

  • Newcomers (with Fr. Javier Arias)

 Finance (Ed Nordstrom, 2021)

  • Finance Committee (with Denny O’Toole)

  • Endowment Board (with George de Garmo, inactive for now)

  • Annual Diocesan Audit (with Ed Nordstrom)