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Serving the Community


Meeting Christ in the World

With every Sunday collection, we take 10% of contributions and set it aside for community ministries. Our outreach Committee meets quarterly to award grants from this fund. We do this to serve the needs of the community with greater strength, expertise, and impact than we could if we tried to do it all ourselves. In addition, we give thousands of dollars of direct aid to those who come to our doors. 

Some of the agencies which have been recipients of our grants in the last year include:

  • Gerard’s House – support for Nuestra Jornada program for children and teens.

  • Coalition for Prisoners Rights – program support.

  • Interfaith Community Shelter – support for Woman’s Shelter for Summer months program, general support, and for a severely strained food budget.

  • Creativity for Peace: support for local youth outreach program.

  • St. Elizabeth’s Shelter – support to replace the water damaged main floor flooring. In addition, we provide food for a dinner once per month.

  • New Mexico Interfaith Power and Light – support of project to provide solar power for homes in Navajoland.

  • Middle East Children’s Alliance – provide each of 1,500 Gaza families with three hours of electricity per day with an emergency lamp system with battery pack at $95 per system.

  • Episcopal Relief and Development Fund

  • Feeding Santa Fe – program support.

  • Juarez Housebuilding Outreach Ministry – program support.

  • Santa Fe Dreamers Project/Citizenship Project