The Mosaic

When St. Bede's started in 2016 to plan the renovation of our church, we envisioned a large mosaic as a major feature of the sanctuary. We commissioned nationally renown artist John Alan, who is also serving as the project's architectural designer.

John's concept brilliantly depicts the origins of creation — "In the beginning was the Word" — the on-going interconnectedness of all life, and the life-nourishing sacraments. 

The mosaic was interpreted and constructed by volunteers from the parish, who had no previous experience. The scale is impressive — 12' x 8' — yet most of the pieces are cut to ¼". Our artisans are contributing nearly 5000 hours to set the tesserae, and the mosaic was complete for the homecoming to our renovated church in October 2018. We appreciate that rather than the church being merely a patron of the arts, as it is so often, we have this opportunity to be creators of art.

We anticipate this mosaic will be recognized as one of the major art installations in Santa Fe.