St. Elizabeth’s Dinner Shopping and Delivery

ste dinnerFor nearly 30 years, St. Bede’s has participated in a ministry that involves shopping once a month (first Thursday) at Sam’s Club for a dinner for St. Elizabeth’s on Alarid St. We deliver the items (which are always the same) but we do not prepare the dinner. We have enough volunteers that you need do this only once, or perhaps twice, a year.

ste dinner 2If you have a Sam’s Club card, we need you! If you don’t, we’ll pair you up with someone who does. You can work either singly or in pairs, and you can choose a month that is convenient for you. The cost of the groceries is around $100. You can either donate this amount or fill out a form to be reimbursed. The ministry is funded by the Outreach Committee.

If you would like to help with this ministry, please contact Judith Beery at 490-5818, or Kathy Christison is the co-chair.