Clergy and Staff

The Reverend M. Catherine Volland – RectorStaffMCV

Rev. M. Catherine Volland grew up in New York State and moved to Colorado in the late 1970s. She earned a B.S. Ed. from the State University College of New York, Buffalo, and an M.A. in Education (Instructional Technology) from the University of Colorado Boulder. Rev. Catherine taught in the public schools for many years, and then worked in the computer software industry, as a writer, trainer, manager, and senior executive, in the United States and Europe. For five years, Rev. Catherine was a professor at the University of Colorado Denver in the MBA program, teaching Managerial Communications and related courses. She then returned to the high-tech business for a few years before earning an M.Div. degree from the Iliff School of Theology in Denver.

Rev. Catherine was ordained a priest in January 2009. Before being ordained, she was one of the seed volunteers for The Wilderness, an expression of the emerging church of St. John’s Cathedral, Denver. She is conversant in English and Spanish. Rev. Catherine is delighted to share a blessed, committed, and grace-filled relationship with Margaret Thompson, a spiritual director and life coach. She enjoys long walks, big gardens, hot salsa, tall orders, fresh cooking, and deep thoughts.


The Reverend Pedro Cuevas – Associate PriestFrPedro

Fr. Pedro was born in the Dominican Republic and has lived for the last seven years in Tijuana, Mexico. He was ordained a priest in June, 2014, and served the house churches of Christ the King Mission in the Diocese of Western Mexico.

Before being ordained, Fr. Pedro was a lawyer in the Dominican Republic who specialized in human rights, worker justice, and grass-roots organizing, and where he defended and was an advocate for Haitian refugees and workers in the sugar cane fields.


The Reverend Randall Lutz – Assisting PriestStaffRandy

Randy is a bi-vocational priest – serving as an assisting priest at St. Bede’s Episcopal Church and as Properties Director for The Santa Fe Opera. Randy was ordained to the priesthood in 2007 and has been on the staff at The Santa Fe Opera since 1979, beginning his career as a shop carpenter. There must be something about the desert, carpentry, and serving…the Lord knows.

Bringing the church out into the world, stepping “out” in faith and with faith to serve Christ within the community has always been a strong calling for Randy and St. Bede’s. Serving as a chaplain in the workplace, Randy is able to offer colleagues a listening ear, pastoral care and the opportunity to find the sacred in the secular.

Randy is a second generation American, and his roots are Hungarian and Pennsylvania Dutch, “I speak a little Hungarian and can cook some great Hungarian dishes!”


The Reverend Owen Kunkle – DeaconStaffOwen

When Deacon Owen Kunkle prays every Sunday during Prayers of the People for “hospice patients, their caregivers, and those who grieve,” he is praying for literally generations of the dying and the bereaved whom he has counseled over the past 30 years. As the bereavement and pastoral counselor at The Hospice Center of Presbyterian Medical Services and as deacon at St. Bede’s, Owen has accompanied many St. Bede’s members through grief.

It is his service to us, as well as to countless people in need throughout the community, that won him the honor of being named a Santa Fe Living Treasure in 2013.



Jenny Langston – Parish AdminstratorStaffJenny

Jenny has graced the office at St Bede’s since the summer of 2013. Before that, her most recent endeavor was working with the Benedictine monks at the Monastery of Christ in the Desert. She ran their store, The Monks’ Corner, in Santa Fe, and then helped them develop a hopyard where varieties of hops native to northern New Mexico are now grown and used by Abbey Brewing Company.

Jenny received a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of New Mexico with an emphasis in sculpture and drawing. She continues to enjoy her life as an artist in as many ways as possible.


Jerome Nelson – Director of Music

Jerry’s love of music in the service of God was instilled early. He began by first singing in his church’s youth choir, but then was encouraged to begin serving the church by learning to play the organ when he was twelve. Jerry’s involvement in church music ministry continued while in high StaffJerryschool and all through his college studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and at the University of Arizona. Having served churches in both his native state of Wisconsin and in Arizona, Jerry spent 17 years at St. Bede’s Episcopal Church in many roles including choir member, organist, and choir director as well as vestry person for worship. In 2000 he was invited by then Music Director Gerald Near, to be one of Church of the Holy Faith’s section leaders and eventually was appointed to serve as Holy Faith’s Music Director in 2006. Jerry was pleased to return to St. Bede’s as its Music Director in October 2009 and is currently responsible for playing the organ and preparing the choir for its ministry.

He was inspired to work in the field by his long friendship with Lawrence Bandfield, founder of the Santa Fe Desert Chorale and choir director at St. Bede’s for many years. Jerry’s love of music is not limited to church music and has performed with many other organizations as soloist, chorister, conductor, and accompanist. While his ministry at St. Bede’s is only part time, he also works as a development and strategic planning consultant.


German Barrera – SextonStaffGerman

German was born and raised in El Salvador, where he was a photographer and did photo printing for various publications. St Bede’s is lucky to have hired him as our Sexton four years ago, and he has become a valuable member of the church community.

Flag Day 2013 was a very special day for German, as he took his oath of allegiance as a U.S. citizen. He says his journey in life has been incredible. “Some people say how lucky I am, but it happened with God’s help.”

Today’s Events

  • St. Bede's Book ClubSt. Bede's Book ClubRead more here ...
  • Holy EucharistHoly EucharistTime: 8:00 am
    (English) Coffee Hour following.
  • Holy EucharistHoly EucharistTime: 10:30 am
    (English) Coffee Hour following.
  • Santa MisaSanta MisaTime: 12:30 pm
    (Bilingual - Spanish and English)
  • Sacrament ClassSacrament ClassTime: 1:45 pm
    Every Sunday after the 12:30 pm Spanish-language service, Father Pedro will conduct a continuing class on the Sacraments, especially for those who want to be baptized or confirmed and for those who want to have a Quinceañera celebration.